• Fixed an issue that rotating world affects Helicopter missile.
  • Collision caused by plane altitude fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that mineral amount continue to drop even repair is completed.
  • Fixed an issue that Enemy Soldier doesn`t miss Tank while shooting.
  • Small beam added back of the research Rocket
  • Fixed an issue that Clicking Claim Reward button more than once doesnt give you multiplied reward.
  • Collected Mineral amounts adjusted.
  • Fixed an issue that Tank doesnt collect minerals after Research.


Known bugs , features on horizon

20 New Technology Perk activated. Perks;

  • Increase Tank Range
  • Increase Soldier Attack Range
  • Increase Helicopter Damege
  • Increase Plane attack speed.
  • Increase Tank range.
  • Increase Tank damage.
  • Increase Soldier Attack Speed.
  • Increase Helicopter Attack Speed.
  • Increase Nuke range.
  • Tank area Damage.
  • Soldiers are able to turn around.
  • Advanced Earthquake.
  • Increase production speed of Helicopter
  • Increase Tank Attack Speed.
  • Increase Soldier Damage
  • Decrease Construction time of Engineer Building.
  • Advanced Plague
  • Advanced Tornado 
  • Advanced Sandstorm
  • Advanced Weather
  • Hack

Fixed an issue that Planes with default altitude doesn`t go below ground when Altitude Down button pressed.
Fixed an issue that harvested mineral amount sometimes goes below 0.
Harvesting Minerals give more resources , depends of rarity their life time adjusted.
Fixed an issue that releasing mouse click doesn`t select a unit anymore.


  • First Tech upgrade activated in tech tree.
  • Players now able to research some technologies trough tech tree by spending their Money & Experience and Minerals.
  • Every tech upgrade you research is a Satellite you need to launch when upgrade finishes. Those satellites will orbit around Earth and will (in future updates) open fog of war in mini map.
  • Avatar section for friendly units added to UI.

Known bugs , features on horizon


  • Health Bar for Russian wonder Fixed.
  • Experience bar added.
  • Tank Rotation while shooting is fixed
  • While harvesting minerals , their scale is not changing.
  • Fixed an issue that in some camera angles it was hard to harvest minerals.
  • Engineer beam disabled if player doesn`t have mineral.
  • Repair icons dissapear if player doesn`t have mineral.