Wonder Defense: Chapter Earth

Wonder Defense: Chapter Earth is a strategy game based on Earth and Aliens in which you act as a General to accomplish survive and move to Mars.

Wonder Defense: Chapter Earth, offers new ways to interact with your world, expand your military power across the Earth. Fight against unknown alien power to search new living areas in Mars, if you survive.

Wonder Defense

● Try to survive against Aliens of unknown origin.
● Upgrade 57 Perks to survive.
● Harvest rare minerals and help your engineers to repair wonders.
● Fight the enemy with the military units you have.
● Watch out for natural disasters.
● Complete Missions to earn money.
● Use nuclear weapons to destroy the enemy.
● Place your units to protect Wonders.

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Early access – WHY?

To achieve fully balanced and bugless game, community and interaction with players is a must. I decided to release Wonder Defense: Chapter Earth in early access to give a chance to players shape the game, It’s playable in the current state, but I need feedback from my players to shape the final vision and scope of the project.”

“Wonder Defense will be in Early Access for 1 year. My planned final release date is November 17 2021.”

“Game is %60 percent completed. Main game logic and framework working properly. With full version players will access more features, more units, more audio, more missions, more and smarter enemy, etc. for Future improvements and features visit Trello page.”

The price for the final version of Wonder Defense: Chapter Earth will be higher than the price for Early Access. I am planning to gradually raise the price as I ship new content and features.”